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a friend sent this to me today, most of you have probably already seen it but I thought it was fantastic and worth another look.

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Not Too Old To Go Back To School



Written by Jenni Lovins

“What? You’re too old to go to school!” was the first thing my five-year old told me as I informed my two boys that I was starting school in a few weeks.  My eight year old son answers his little brother with an annoyed, “Anyone can go to school!”  He then looked up at me and said with a questioning look, “But why would you want to do that, Mom?”

I explained to my boys that now that they were both in school all day, I wanted to do something different with my days.  You see, since the minute I found out I was going to be a mom, I wanted nothing more than to get to spend as much time as I could with that little person God had given us.  I wanted to be the one to mold my children into the people they would become.  I didn’t want to pay someone else to do what I wanted to be doing.   I wanted to be the one to put them down for naps, to feed them ice cream for the first time, and see them take their first steps.  I wanted to hear their first words and to dry their tears.  I loved being a stay at home mom and my husband was great enough to support me in this choice for so many years.  We filled our days with park picnics, swimming, karate, play dates, bike rides and going to meet their dad for lunch as often as we could.  Now my boys were in third grade and kindergarten and I was not giving in to that babyurge to keep me home another five years!  It was time for a new chapter for mama!

My husband asked me one evening last fall, “Have you ever thought about being a real estate agent? You’d be great at it, you know everyone!” He got my wheels turning. . . Would I be good at selling houses? I know I’m good at organizing kindergarten class parties, community fundraisers and coaching little baseball players, but could I be good at helping people with one of the biggest financial decisions of their life? I took some time to think it through, talked about it, prayed about it and then one day, I enrolled at American Dream Real Estate School (sounded pretty amazing!).  I managed to finish the course, pass the test, find a broker who wanted to take a chance on me, and on December 2, I received my Colorado Broker License in the mail!  I still get to pick my kids up from school almost every day, be there for the class parties, and help them with homework in the evenings. I know life will get crazier as I get busier, but for now, this new chapter is pretty amazing and I truly appreciate getting to work with alongside another mom who understands and relates to this chapter of my life and shows me every day that I can be both a good mom and successful.



WOW! It has been a long time

2014 01 13_4156_edited-1It’s been a mere three years since I last posted to my blog, I’m sure you have all been anxiously checking your emails daily just waiting to hear from me.  Well folks, your wait is over!  Since I last posted my daughter has aged three years and is now six, the Broncos lost a very embarrassing Super Bowl, the real estate market has started a comeback and I started my own Real Estate firm, with a total of 1 employee. I guess even Coldwell Banker had to start somewhere. Fortunately for you I was not blogging at that time, so you did not have to read all weighing of the options, should I or shouldn’t I, what do you think kind of questions I mulled over for a month or so before taking the plunge.  What really got the ball rolling for me is my friend, Rona Linnenburger, she decided to go back to work one day and contacted the owners of Ziggies Coffee House and became a licensed franchisee and opened her own store in Westminster. She made it seem so easy that I decided to give it a go.  That was back in June of 2014. Six months later a daughter of a friend called me to schedule a meeting, she was getting her real estate licensed and wanted to know if I was looking for a Realtor.  When fate comes knocking like that it is hard to not answer the door, so here we are Jenni Lovins and myself plunging in and enjoying every minute.  She’s the one that spurred me on to start blogging again, we will be jointly blogging and telling you our tales. I’ve told her it is up to her to keep me accountable, good luck Jenni.