Let’s Clear the Clutter


My goal this year is to clean up my act! By that I mean mind, body and soul cleared out and ready for everything life has to give me. In my bones I can feel that 2018 is going to be amazing and I need to be ready to receive all the blessings. Some old Roman once said “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” so I am preparing.  I cannot be ready for the new until I clear out all the old. Old stuff, Old resentments, Old thinking, Old behaviors.  One of my New Years resolution was to start each day with an intent and to end each day with gratitude. (Can you tell I’ve been streaming Oprah and Maya on YouTube)  Believe it or not, I am proud of myself that we are 1 week into the New Year and I have not yet broken that resolution. This morning I was reading this article on Houzz.com called Get Organized: Take a 10-Day Simplification Challenge.

Starting tomorrow I take the first step

1. Grab a trash bag. “Go through all the rooms in your house and look for trash,” Ley says. “You’ll be surprised at what’s just lying around.” Whether it’s expired coupons, boxes, empty shampoo bottles in the shower, dry-cleaning tags, a dead plant or wastebaskets that need emptying, just making this first step will make you feel better.

You may even decide you’re ready to make a second round with a light look for items you can donate, like books you’re never going to read again. “This will ease you into the process,” Ley says.

Two and a half years ago we moved across town into a much larger home.  When we first moved in we had empty drawers, cabinets and a fairly empty garage.  Now, just a few years later it is filled up.  That is upsetting for me, we certainly didn’t NEED anything else but elbow room when we moved. Firstly, I need to stop bringing things into the house, my goal is to go 2 weeks without bringing anything not absolutely necessary into our home. Second, tomorrow morning I will grab my trash bag and go through the house to see what can be thrown out.  Then I will go back through and collect items for donation, I’ve already called the Veterans and they will be here in 4 days whether I am ready for them or not.  I’ll post pictures of all the cleared away things, I hope its a mountain!

The article also recommended this book A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living  I’m going to read it but from the library or digital, I’m not bringing it into this house!


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