“Remove the Word Resale from my Vocabulary”

That is what the Houzz.com article stated. The decorator side of me agrees, but the Realtor side is a little more hesitant. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a house, and be astounded by the things people do to their homes.121125oklahomacityok2.jpgth-1.jpg

While this is the extreme, if you love it and plan on being there for the long term 10+ years then sponge paint away.  If however, you are like most of us and have no idea where life is going to take you, there are certain decisions that do need to be influenced by resale value.  We all know that, after location, the Kitchen and Master are what sell a house. If you are planning to remodel either of these and may be selling within the next 10 years, resale is important.  These are expensive remodels and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shown a house to a client with a brand new kitchen and the buyers hate it.  For most of us, it’s hard to justify tearing out a brand new kitchen because it’s not your taste. Plus, the cost of that new kitchen is usually reflected in the price.

My advice, if it’s just a coat of paint, go for it! paint it whatever wacky color you like, as long as you are willing to repaint it before you sell. If it’s anything more, call a decorator.  In the long run, they will make you lots of money at sale time.  Most buyers do not want to live through a remodel and will pay big bucks to have it all done, as long as it is done well and correctly.  There is a reason house flippers make money.

I have had sellers tell me, “In this market I don’t need to do anything, my house will sell” Isn’t that the thought of most FSBO properties. They are right, it will sell, but not for as much money as it could with just a little pizzaz.  When I am listing a home I go through and tell sellers, as your house sits now, it will sell for X but if you do these few things we can sell it for Y.  Y is always higher and usually will cover all of the selling costs and sometimes more.  A well appointed home will sell faster and for more money than your average house.  Logically, it does not make sense, the furniture and fixings are not part of the sale. But when people walk in, they get that feeling, you can see it in their faces and they are hooked!


This is just so exciting!!  I woke up this morning with an email from Houzz that said one of my design pictures was featured in a story!! Click through the story, mine is the 8th picture!  I AM SOOO EXCITED!  Thank you Becky Harris of the HOUZZ team!

Not Going to Happen

Two days ago I started the 10 day cleaning challenge I found on Houzz.com, the first day you are supposed to grab a garbage bag and go through your house to throw things away and the second day go back through with a new garbage bag and collect items for donation.

Day 1 – I grab my little garbage bag, because I am not a hoarder and don’t have trash laying around, or so I thought.  Not 30 minutes into this little challenge when I realized, “we’re going to need a bigger bag.”  3 HOURS later and I was still upstairs and had not even begun to tackle my own closet.  However, I did have empty space again!!

Look At All This Space!

Last weekend my husband spent two days cleaning out his garage, then he left town.  He is going to be pissed off when he get’s home!  His garage is quickly filling up with my garbage and donations!  Once the veterans pick up the donations he will be just a thrilled as I am. In the meantime, I better keep a low profile.

This really does feel amazing, it makes me smile every time I see my neat and organized shelves and all the room to breathe.  But, 10 DAYS! who are they kidding, it’s going to take me 10 days just to do the first days challenge.

Off I go…today is my home office, say your prayers for me, it’s going to be a long day.



Let’s Clear the Clutter


My goal this year is to clean up my act! By that I mean mind, body and soul cleared out and ready for everything life has to give me. In my bones I can feel that 2018 is going to be amazing and I need to be ready to receive all the blessings. Some old Roman once said “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” so I am preparing.  I cannot be ready for the new until I clear out all the old. Old stuff, Old resentments, Old thinking, Old behaviors.  One of my New Years resolution was to start each day with an intent and to end each day with gratitude. (Can you tell I’ve been streaming Oprah and Maya on YouTube)  Believe it or not, I am proud of myself that we are 1 week into the New Year and I have not yet broken that resolution. This morning I was reading this article on Houzz.com called Get Organized: Take a 10-Day Simplification Challenge.

Starting tomorrow I take the first step

1. Grab a trash bag. “Go through all the rooms in your house and look for trash,” Ley says. “You’ll be surprised at what’s just lying around.” Whether it’s expired coupons, boxes, empty shampoo bottles in the shower, dry-cleaning tags, a dead plant or wastebaskets that need emptying, just making this first step will make you feel better.

You may even decide you’re ready to make a second round with a light look for items you can donate, like books you’re never going to read again. “This will ease you into the process,” Ley says.

Two and a half years ago we moved across town into a much larger home.  When we first moved in we had empty drawers, cabinets and a fairly empty garage.  Now, just a few years later it is filled up.  That is upsetting for me, we certainly didn’t NEED anything else but elbow room when we moved. Firstly, I need to stop bringing things into the house, my goal is to go 2 weeks without bringing anything not absolutely necessary into our home. Second, tomorrow morning I will grab my trash bag and go through the house to see what can be thrown out.  Then I will go back through and collect items for donation, I’ve already called the Veterans and they will be here in 4 days whether I am ready for them or not.  I’ll post pictures of all the cleared away things, I hope its a mountain!

The article also recommended this book A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living  I’m going to read it but from the library or digital, I’m not bringing it into this house!