“Remove the Word Resale from my Vocabulary”

That is what the Houzz.com article stated. The decorator side of me agrees, but the Realtor side is a little more hesitant. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a house, and be astounded by the things people do to their homes.121125oklahomacityok2.jpgth-1.jpg

While this is the extreme, if you love it and plan on being there for the long term 10+ years then sponge paint away.  If however, you are like most of us and have no idea where life is going to take you, there are certain decisions that do need to be influenced by resale value.  We all know that, after location, the Kitchen and Master are what sell a house. If you are planning to remodel either of these and may be selling within the next 10 years, resale is important.  These are expensive remodels and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shown a house to a client with a brand new kitchen and the buyers hate it.  For most of us, it’s hard to justify tearing out a brand new kitchen because it’s not your taste. Plus, the cost of that new kitchen is usually reflected in the price.

My advice, if it’s just a coat of paint, go for it! paint it whatever wacky color you like, as long as you are willing to repaint it before you sell. If it’s anything more, call a decorator.  In the long run, they will make you lots of money at sale time.  Most buyers do not want to live through a remodel and will pay big bucks to have it all done, as long as it is done well and correctly.  There is a reason house flippers make money.

I have had sellers tell me, “In this market I don’t need to do anything, my house will sell” Isn’t that the thought of most FSBO properties. They are right, it will sell, but not for as much money as it could with just a little pizzaz.  When I am listing a home I go through and tell sellers, as your house sits now, it will sell for X but if you do these few things we can sell it for Y.  Y is always higher and usually will cover all of the selling costs and sometimes more.  A well appointed home will sell faster and for more money than your average house.  Logically, it does not make sense, the furniture and fixings are not part of the sale. But when people walk in, they get that feeling, you can see it in their faces and they are hooked!

WOW! It has been a long time

2014 01 13_4156_edited-1It’s been a mere three years since I last posted to my blog, I’m sure you have all been anxiously checking your emails daily just waiting to hear from me.  Well folks, your wait is over!  Since I last posted my daughter has aged three years and is now six, the Broncos lost a very embarrassing Super Bowl, the real estate market has started a comeback and I started my own Real Estate firm, with a total of 1 employee. I guess even Coldwell Banker had to start somewhere. Fortunately for you I was not blogging at that time, so you did not have to read all weighing of the options, should I or shouldn’t I, what do you think kind of questions I mulled over for a month or so before taking the plunge.  What really got the ball rolling for me is my friend, Rona Linnenburger, she decided to go back to work one day and contacted the owners of Ziggies Coffee House and became a licensed franchisee and opened her own store in Westminster. She made it seem so easy that I decided to give it a go.  That was back in June of 2014. Six months later a daughter of a friend called me to schedule a meeting, she was getting her real estate licensed and wanted to know if I was looking for a Realtor.  When fate comes knocking like that it is hard to not answer the door, so here we are Jenni Lovins and myself plunging in and enjoying every minute.  She’s the one that spurred me on to start blogging again, we will be jointly blogging and telling you our tales. I’ve told her it is up to her to keep me accountable, good luck Jenni.